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    Impact Of Silverfish On Humans

    These scary pests run for their safety, thus, there is a chance of hurting yourself while trying to get hold of them. They are fast movers and hide in holes, gaps, and splits on the floor. Silverfish infestation can impact you in several ways, call Pestico Pest Control Sydney to effectively remove them from your property.

    Silverfish is nocturnal and stays hidden during the daytime, and comes out in the night. Additionally, catching them is difficult as they can fly around and hide if triggered. They are known to build their nest near to the food supply. Further, they can harm your belongings such as books, clothing, food, paper, wallpapers, etc. They even consume silk threads, food, fiber, starch, glue, and book bindings. Moreover, they love to stay in fabric piles and might damage it too. Further, they cause several allergies in humans and are known to be one of the causes of asthma.

    Not only this, but silverfish can dwell in ceilings, walls, and wallpapers for a considerably long time. Further, they become prey for other insects like spiders and cockroaches which increase the spreading of other harmful diseases.

    Signs To Identify Silverfish Infestation

    Silverfish are nocturnal, and their recognition is a little difficult. However, here are some signs that can help you identify their infestation.

    Shed skin and excrete remains

    The feces and shed skin of silverfish look similar to pepper. If you notice these remains, then there is a chance of having a silverfish infestation on your property.

    Stains and discoloration

    Silverfish infestation can cause staining and decolorization of books, wallpaper, and fabric. So, if you notice such signs, then without any second thought, call Pestico Pest Control Sydney.

    Check your clothes and piles of fabrics

    Silverfish are known to consume fabric made of silk, linen, and cotton. So, recheck your closet and wardrobes or any other places where you store your fabric to ensure there is no silverfish infestation.

    Moisture built-up

    Silverfish dwells in places with moisture and is one of the most common areas that have moisture are, sink, kitchen, and bathrooms. Thus, look in moist and wet places for signs of a silverfish infestation.

    Paper boxes

    The most desirable location for silverfish infestation consists of paper boxes, magazines, bindings of books, and newspapers. Thus, look in such a location to make it easy to recognize silverfish infestation.

    Look in places that might contain glue

    Gum is one of the favorite foods of silverfish. Thus, inspect your furniture and other belongings that may have glue in them.

    How To Eliminate Silverfish From Your Property?

    Silverfish may seem harmless to humans but can severely damage your precious belongings. Thus, it is advised to call professionals at the earliest for silverfish control Sydney service. Silverfish Control can be done using the following methods:

    Avoid humidity built-up

    Silverfish thrive in humid conditions, and you can avoid silverfish infestation by ensuring no moisture is built up in your place. Additionally, we have enlisted some step that can help you control the moisture situation in your home and office:

    • Repair leakages in any part of your property
    • Avoid accumulation of water for a longer period
    • Ensure proper aeration in closed rooms
    • Use a humidifier in places where it is required

    Use vacuum cleaner

    You can clean the infestation from the gaps, cracks, and holes using a vacuum cleaner.

    Keep up your food properly

    Silverfish feed on starch, thus, you need to store the food in air-tight utensils to avoid infection and spread of silverfish.

    Inspecting harborage places

    Places such as wardrobes, cabinets, closed windows, moldings, cabinets, etc., should be checked and cleaned regularly to prevent infestation and make it less likely for silverfish infestation.

    Sundry things

    To prevent moisture build-up in fabric and food, you can expose them to sunlight that can prevent mold formation and silverfish infestation.

    Try non-chemical procedure

    You can use non-chemical products such as borate-based goods and diatomaceous earth that are helpful in removing and preventing pest infestation.

    If you are tired of trying these methods and want to remove silverfish infestation effectively, then get in touch with our silverfish control Sydney team of professionals to get the best service at the most affordable price.

    What Are The Other Ways Of Preventing Silverfish In Sydney?

    Cyper WP

    Cyper WP is a powder that is visible when sprayed on dark surfaces. You can spray this on the entry points and on the baseboards to eliminate silverfish infestation.

    Pro-active silverfish spray

    Spraying this solution on the places and keeping pets and kids away from this area is an effective method to get rid of silverfish. Ensure that the product is completely dried. You can even apply this chemical to the walls and floor junctions beneath dishwashers, cooker, and washing machine after every 30 days to ensure that the silverfish infestation is completely eradicated.


    You can use Intice Perimeter 10 and Invict Xpress to remove silverfish from your property. Silverfish are drawn towards baits, they consume them and pass away on the spot.

    Avoid accumulation of dust

    Silverfish hides in dusty places such as light fixtures, attic, electronic outlet, ovens, behind the refrigerator, and so on. You can use products such as Cimexa Dust and D-Fense Dust in the place where silverfish control is required.

    You can use the product and methods mentioned above to eradicate these notorious pests. However, if the infestation gets out of control and you are finding it difficult to handle it on your own, then Pestico Pest Control Sydney is always there to help you. Pestico Pest Control is a team of hardworking and experienced professionals who are determined to offer you the best service at a nominal cost. Contact us to get the best silverfish control Sydney service.

    Easy And Useful Tips To Control Silverfish Infestation At House And Office

    You can remove and control silverfish infestation at your home and office by following the following steps:

    Clean bookshelves, cupboards, and closets regularly.
    Check trash and never leave paper piled up in dark and damp places.
    Store the food in air-tight utensils.
    Don’t allow paper trash to accumulate in the office or home.
    Remove cracks, gaps, holes from garages, walls, rooms, and other places where there might be silverfish infestation.
    Get professional help from Pestico Pest Control Sydney.

    Pestico Pest Control Sydney is an experienced pest control firm in Sydney that uses organic and effective products to get rid of dangerous pests from your home and offices. Connect with us and avail of our silverfish control Sydney service now!


    Is Silverfish harmful to humans?

    Silverfish do not cause any harm to humans but can severely damage belongings such as books, magazines, clothes, and furniture. Get in touch with us to get the best silverfish control Sydney service.

    Can silverfish damage fabric and paper?

    Silverfish can cause damage to books, paper, food in the kitchen, and even the wallpaper. Further, they even consume fibers such as silky threads, food items with starch, glue, and the binding of the books.

    Is it possible to remove silverfish from the property?

    Yes, Pestico Pest Control Sydney has a reputation for offering the best silverfish control service. Further, our technicians are experienced, certified, and well-trained. Contact us to remove silverfish from your property.

    Which is the best way to eliminate silverfish?

    Several methods can be used to eliminate silverfish from your property, such as:

    • Using baits
    • Spraying Pro-active silverfish spray on the affected area
    • Treating the infected area with Cyper WP

    What is the cost of the silverfish control Sydney service?

    If you are tired of using the DIY methods, then call a professional silverfish control company. Pestico Pest Control Sydney offers the best pest control service at a reasonable cost.

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