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You may be experiencing sleepless nights because of bed bugs. These are minuscule insects that remain hidden under the bed gaps. While sleeping bed bugs keeps on biting you causing some serious discomfort. Hence, removing these insects is crucial for the well-being of your family. Bed bugs remain busy sucking out your blood while you remain asleep at night. The bites of bed bugs can cause itching, inflammation, and swelling to your skin.

Bed bugs are minute in size and infest swiftly, but it is difficult to identify these insects. That’s the reason why, only when you can spot blood stains on your bed sheet, you get to understand the presence of bed bugs. Contact Pestico Pest Control Sydney for the termination of bed bugs from your home. In addition to eliminating bedbugs, we also sterilize and disinfect your premises for killing COVID-19 viruses.

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For keeping your place safe from bed bugs Sydney, the most initial step that needs to be taken is identification and understanding of the warning signs. Don’t ignore the obvious signs of the presence of bed bugs in your house. By reading the warning signs in its early stage, you can prevent the infestation of bed bugs before it becomes too complicated and start affecting your health and property. Make sure you clean your mattresses and the stains quickly before it becomes permanent. Damp and dirty mattresses form the most suitable environment for bed bugs. You are advised to do a thorough cleaning of your room once a week and keep your bedroom tidy. Keeping your bed tidy will allow the early detection of bed bugs, so you can consult Pestico Pest Control Sydney for the treatment of bed bugs in Sydney. You can industry-approved methods or equipment for controlling bed bugs. Hiring professional help is highly suggested for bed bug termination. Our professionals at Pestico Pest Control Sydney are experts at providing a solution to bed bug infestation problems.

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Disadvantages Of Bed Bugs Infestation

With bed bugs, the probability of getting a disease is very low, but these insects affect your health and life differently.
Bed bugs hamper your sleep schedule, which happens to be the major issue.
Few individuals may have allergies to bed bugs. You may experience hypersensitivity and itchiness from bites of these insects. It can also give sudden shocks to some people that are too risky.
You may experience itchiness, and continuous scratching can spread infection. In some situations, bed bugs found in hotels can bite you leading to the transmission of stranger’s blood in your system. It can have severe health consequences.
If you have trouble sleeping, having bed bugs in your bed can make your life worse giving you depression and mood swings. Such an unhealthy lifestyle can affect your immunity, making you sick.

Usually, bed bugs have great hiding spots that can be under the mattresses, bedsheets, or in the holes and cracks of the bed. During the night these insects crawl outside to suck your blood. Bed bugs can expand their territory and get into your curtains, home decor items, closets, wardrobes, and cushions.

These tiny insects remain so well hidden, that using pesticides does not affect their infestation. For handling the issue of bed bug infestation it is crucial to identify their presence at an early stage by contacting Pestico Pest Control Sydney.

Warning Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation

The presence of shed shells and marks of bite are the first indicators of bed bugs
When you notice bite marks on your skin, don’t take them for granted, instead, check for bed bugs or contact Pestico Pest Control Sydney.
See if there are bloodstains on the mattress, bedsheets, or sidewalls.
Blood marks can be spotted easily as after sucking your blood, the bugs swell-up and get crushed by your weight
Check if you can see eggshells, or feel dusty particles on your bedsheet
Bed bugs excrete a dark substance that leaves a mark on the bedsheet

As you notice these warning signs, you should immediately get in touch with Pestico Pest Control Sydney and get rid of bed bugs!

How Does Bed Bug Infestation Start?

Usually, bed bugs enter your premises through furniture, clothes, or items that have been brought from someone else’s place. There are other ways of bringing bed bugs to your house, like, visiting a movie theater or traveling in public transportation that has seats filled with bed bugs.

After returning from public transportation, vacation or public you should check your clothes for bed bugs. You can easily start an infestation from just a few bed bugs in your house, and that’s why it is necessary to check and clean yourself before entering your room. Everyone in your family should be held responsible for protecting your house from bed bugs infestation.

Control Bed Bugs Sydney: Prevent Bed Bug Infestation

One of the most effective ways of preventing bed bug infestation is by maintaining cleanliness. Examine, clean, disinfect, and change your bed sheet regularly.

You can use adhesive bands for killing bed bugs while the infestation is in its initial stage. You are advised to burn or destroy the adhesive bands before throwing them off.
Washing the sheets above 60 0C is highly effective for killing bed bugs. Just ensure the sheets are thrown in hot water suddenly. If the water isn’t hot or heats up slowly, the bed bugs may float and travel to other places.
You can put bed bugs in the deep freezer for more than 12 hours, as extremely cold temperature also kills them.
Using pesticides for bed bugs is also helpful to an extent.


How to kill bed bugs?

For complete termination of bed bugs Sydney, you should call Pestico Pest Control Sydney and avail of quick services.

Where do bed bugs reside?

Bed bugs can live in your cushion, furniture, behind photos, and beds.

Is bed bug elimination a difficult job?

Yes. Bed bugs remain hidden in unreachable corners and are difficult to spot. But professionals at Pestico Pest Control Sydney can help you in effective bed bug termination.

Is bed bug bites dangerous?

Yes. If bed bug bites can be dangerous for people with allergies and skin sensitivity.

Can bed bugs bother humans?

Yes. Bed bugs can give sleepless nights, itchiness, and skin inflammation.

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