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    Pestico Pest Control Sydney is in charge of pest control facilities in Sydney and the surrounding areas. We have a wide variety of pest control programs, many of which help to prevent diseases and insects from spreading. Our team goes above and beyond when it comes to pest control, and we also have pesticides and pest spray services in Sydney. You can also call us on +61480032290

    to schedule same-day pest controlin Sydney.


    Pest Control Sydney Services Delivered By Us

    We have experts who are experienced and are equipped with modern tools and methods. Our services are affordable and can be offered on the same day of booking.

    • Rodent control
    • Flea control
    • Silverfish control
    • Pre-purchase pest inspection
    • Same day pest control
    • Emergency pest control services
    • Woodworm treatments
    • Fly pest control
    • Spider removal
    • Domestic pest control
    • Restaurant pest control
    • Cockroach removal
    • Mosquito pest control
    • Wasp pest control
    • Termite control
    • Tick extermination
    • Moth pest control
    • Bees pest control


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    Why Choose
    Pestico Pest Control in Sydney?

    24*7 Same Day Appointments

    We work on all the seven days of the week and Pestico Pest Control Sydney eliminates pests from residential and commercial properties at your convenient timings.

    Prices That Are Reasonable

    Pestico Pest Control Sydney offers inexpensive and effective pest control services.

    Personnel With Experience

    Our pest controllers are certified and approved to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction, and our technicians are updated on a regular basis. We have a welcoming team that offers services exactly as our customers order.

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    Customer Reviews


    We had booked an appointment for rodent control from pest control team Sydney. Needless to say, we had a great experience with this company. They took great effort to inspect the outer as well as the interior portions of the property with a lot of precision. They also gave us some very useful information to prevent rodents from infesting our house again.


    We have always opted for the services of pest control Sydney time and again. We are very pleased to tell you that all our experiences have been more than amazing. Their silverfish control services and the technicians on it always have been quick, nice and specialized in their work. Their inspection and overall work has been thorough. Thank you to all of the team!


    We appreciate the responsiveness of the pest control team. Thank you so much for freeing our property from some really dreadful pests! The staff was very attentive and diligent in the whole pest control procedure. They also explained to us the minor details and also asked if we were allergic to any of the products that would be used during pest control! We are really grateful for the quick service.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Reliable Answers to
    Common Questions.

    How should you get rid of an insect infestation?

    Keeping your home and workplace tidy is the perfect way to keep pests at bay.

    When will I be able to return home after the treatment?

    After the liquid treatment has dried, you can re-enter the treated area and enter and exit as before.

    What is the best way to begin the treatment?

    Pestico Pest Control Sydney will check the whole area and then the area outside the house to assess the source of the infestation. The contaminated area is then sprayed and treated with environmentally friendly chemicals.

    Where do you go for treatment?

    We make sure that all of the pests' hiding places and feeding areas are properly handled, but this varies depending on the species.

    What kind of pest control would I require?

    If you need some kind of pest control, it depends on the pest you are encountering, not just on the type of pest, but also on the location of the pests.

    Is it necessary for me to leave my home during the pest control treatment?

    No, you should feel absolutely safe and protected while we do our work. However, if you are required to leave, we will notify you in advance.

    Is anyone on your team professional enough?

    Yes, all of our professionals have the requisite skills and years of experience. They have provided customer satisfaction and are now ca

    What is your fee structure?

    Our rates are fair and vary widely depending on the type of pest infestation and services required.

    Is it possible for your experts to provide services in the commercial sector?

    Yeah, our team has considerable experience delivering Pest Control Services In Sydney to commercial offices. We have been delivering services to both industrial and residential clients for several years.

    What types of pest control methods are used?

    Pre-inspection for pests: To begin, our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of the pests in your area as well as the severity of the pest infestation. They would select the best pest-removal strategy after analyzing the situation.

    Treatment for pests: Following the completion of the inspection, our experts will treat the problem by using an appropriate solution. We do use environmentally friendly goods that are safe for residents and the community.

    Following the completion of the procedure, our experts will conduct a check-up to ensure that no pests have been left behind in any areas.

    What types of pest control methods are used?

    During the inspection, the pest control method will be specified, and after the inspection, the pest control method will be redefined.

    Chemicals are sprayed.

    Expert mechanical removal

    Nets and catching techniques are used.

    Is it necessary for me to move the kitchen utensils and cabinets before the treatment?

    It is not necessary to clean out the kitchen cabinets. However, furniture and kitchen crockery units which need to be moved away from the wall. In the kitchen, we use gel-based chemicals.

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