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Spotting moths can be slightly tough, as they love residing and multiplying in the darker places or corners like cupboards, closets, and storerooms. Moths seem like harmless insects but, they indirectly affect our lives. They can easily destroy the environment they live in while taking control of the lives of humans. An infestation of moths may cause severe harm to your business especially the flour mills. The stocked items like sugar, eggs, bread, butter, and other ingredients along with some tools and storage units can be destroyed by moths.

For your ease, Pestico Pest Control Sydney can help you save your business as we have a team of experts for handling pest and insect control.

What Are The Risks Associated With Moth Infestation?

Being attentive towards moth presence in your residence or at a workspace is crucial. If moths are consumed mistakenly, some serious diseases and health consequences can occur.
A major drawback with moth lies in its late detection. In meanwhile, moth destroys your expensive rugs, comforters, and clothes.
A speedy moth infestation can do tremendous damage to all rooms in your house, and that too in a matter of time.
Spotting and identifying moths is hard, as they are present in various shades, sizes, and physical forms.
While the moth remains in its caterpillar form, its hair can be dangerous for people having asthma, as it can increase the number of attacks.

Although moths are present in numerous species, only a smaller number have the potential of damaging or affecting our residence and business. Usually, moth enters your house by flying, or by remaining stuck in your clothes or materials. Moths do a great job in damaging your belongings, and continuously move on to the next item.

When you notice, moths are living on your premises, it is high time you contact Pestico Pest Control Sydney, the best Moth control Sydney has!

How To Identify Australian Moths?

In Sydney, spotting moths can be one unsettling task, but for Moth Control Sydney, some knowledge can be helpful.

Here are the different kinds of moth you can find:

Adult moths have yellowish-brown wings with no specific pattern and it creates uncommon holes.
Larvae of matured moths happen to have a darker shade of wings, which creates common holes in your garments.
Fully grown-up moths having brownish wings with tiny spots give rise to larvae that like feeding on leather and woolen items.
Some moths damage food, and not clothes. Such moths have freckled wings and whiteheads as an identification mark.

Mold Invasion? Tips On Identify It!

Crawling Adult moth: When you spot a grown-up moth creeping around in your premises, but isn’t able to fly. Take it as a sign of mold infestation in your house and immediately call Pestico Pest Control Sydney.
Storeroom full of tiny moths: Newborn moths remain in a specific area, but they can fly. If you can witness them in your house, it’s a high time you contact Pestico Pest Control Sydney.
Existence of cocoons and silver caterpillars in dry foods: It may happen that you don’t use a few dry food items in your storage for a long time. Such a packet of foods can be a home to caterpillars and cocoons.
Presence of Silky tube-like structure: These tube-like structures can have larvae of the moth which can be found in your garments or pantry.
Food and caterpillar moth: You can find silk of caterpillar tangled with food items that may appear like a network.

Treatment Of Moth In Sydney

Considering the possibilities of moth attack and its adverse consequences, it is best to put an end to the problem before it becomes complicated. Prevention is always better than expensive treatment. The best way to deal with moth infestation is to deal with the issues in the initial stage with help from Pestico Pest Control Sydney.

Develop a habit of checking every corner of the closets regularly and ensuring that things are in fine condition. While checking, you should see if there are mothballs in the closet, floorings, walls, and ceilings.

Plant, factories, and other business owners should do a thorough examination, for moth control Sydney as a step for preventing themselves from bearing losses.

We, Pestico Pest Control Sydney suggest that for keeping moths at bay, pest control particles can be used. Factories and industrial plants should indulge in the regular inspection of mothballs, especially around machines and tools so a preventive measure can be taken. When moths enter a premise, they search for those corners that are dark and not used that are suitable for laying eggs. These dark corners are usually found in pantries, closets, and cupboards, where usually food and clothes are kept, and not checked in a long term.

Moth Control Sydney: DIY Tips By Pestico Pest Control Sydney

Remain attentive during summers, keep a check on dark corners where clothes and food are stored.
Try to keep fur garments, woolen clothing, carpets, and comforters in a sealed bag. Dirty clothes attract moths, so try to keep everything clean.
Use mothballs as a repellent
Focus on larvae, instead of full-grown moths
Don’t keep food in storage for a long time.
For cleaning the unreachable corner of the pantry and closet, use a thin nozzle on the vacuum cleaners.
Make sure the area experience sunlight and is properly ventilated, as moth love being in dark and damp corners

Moths like living on dirty, damped, and rough materials. Poor light and airflow form the best condition for moths. Apart from DIY, availing professional help from Pestico Pest Control Sydney is highly recommended. Pestico Pest Control Sydney is a reputed and experienced pest control company known for providing services to both residential and commercial clients.


How quickly moth can infest my house?

Moth breeds continuously and can spread in your premise quickly. You should contact Pestico Pest Control Sydney for professional treatment.

Are moths harmful to humans?

Yes. Moth can infect food and clothes causing allergies and health problems.

Does moth only infect food?

No. Moth can damage your furniture, clothes, and carpets as well.

What kind of food do moths infect?

Moth can infect flour, beverages, breakfast cereals, grains, and more.

How many species of moth are found in Australia?

Around 22,000 categories of moth are present in Australia.

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