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    Generally, fleas do not bite or attack people. But, they attack dogs and cats. So, although you might remain reluctant from their wrath, still your pets can suffer due to their stings.

    What is the need of flea Control in Alfords Point?

    Though these creatures do not bite humans, still you might get skin irritation due to their contact. They are tiny bugs which have spin and hair that are spiky. These insects hide inside the fur of animals like dogs and cats and cause irritation.  These distinctiveness of fleas help them to hide in between the fur of animals inside your home or environs.

    What are the issues which arise from flea infestation in Alfords Point?

    • Pets are nothing less than our family. We love them are make them our responsibility. But these flees can make their life problematic. So, it is advisable that you should keep your pets safe from flees.
    • Your pets might have a habit of running out and play in the outdoors. So, if they go out for a play, then there is a chance that these flees might catch them and cause trouble. So, you also might have to check their fur after regular intervals and ensure that they do not have any fleas in their bodies.
    • Fleas cannot be dangerous for human health but their bite can lead to you irritation or swelling in that place.
    • Pets are more vulnerable to getting infected and troubled due to the fleas. They can also get infected with the tapeworms.
    • A disease called as Flea Allergic Dermatitis or FAD might create a lot of discomfort to your pets. In case they suffer from such a health condition, they might feel a lot itchy and also have pus bumps that can lead to hair loss.
    • Also, flea infestation can result in anemia in your pets. If it is left untreated, it might be a life threatening condition.
    • Humans might also get infected with severe diseases due to flea infestation as they are the transporters of diseases such as bubonic plague virus and Murine Typhus.

    Here are some of the commonly seen types of fleas?

    Cat Fleas-

    Cat fleas sustain on cat blood and leaves in cat’s fur. This flees are 3mm long, thick, flat from both sides and wingless.  These have thin long legs which they use for jumping.

    Dog Fleas-

    Dog flees consume dog blood and reside in dog fur. They also have a habit to bite humans. They are 1mm to 4 mm long also can go up to the size of  5mm.

    How to know if the flees has bitten you?

    Flea bites might lead to discomfort, distress and irritation. But, it can lead to lot of pain in your pets. Hence, if you see your pet has been scratching his/ her body more frequently, then it might be suffering from flee infections.  Fleas in humans can be recognized through itchiness and redness on your skin.

    Get exceptional flea Control in Alfords Point right away.

    It is important to take flea infestation acutely.  These infestations can arrive from any place, as these fleas are constantly looking for warm-blooded animals to feed on. The most important sign of fleas infestation is that your pet might keep on scratching its body rigorously and stays uncomfortable. If you notice any such change in your pets, then that might be because of the flee infestations in their bodies.  Additionally, you might spot flea droppings that are red or black in colour additionally you can spot flea droppings on the carpets or floor where your pets sit. If you see any small dust like things, then this can be a sign of flea infestation in your home.

    After you get assured that there is flea infestation in your home, then you will have to take fast steps to stop these fleas from spreading in various places.  Also, make sure that this trouble is dealt with immediately.

    Removing flea infestation from your premises is not at all a easy task. It is a highly difficult task as these creatures are small in size and can sustain without food for a lot of days.  Also, you cannot restrict flea infestation merely by killing the adult fleas; you might also have to kill a group of larvae, eggs, and cocoons. So, you will have to carve out a proper complete flea Control plan that can be executed to ensure that fleas are completely eliminated

    Here are some tips to prevent flea infestation in Alfords Point-

    • It is a great idea to prevent flea infestation in your home rather than curing them afterwards. For this you need to keep checking your premises daily and also check your pet’s fur.
    • You will have to clean all the rooms, rack, carpets and furniture along with upholstery for preventing flea infestation. This can be helpful in killing the fleas and other bugs.  Also, you will have to clean the fur of your pet by using a comb. You might also consult with a veterinary doctor.
    • You will have to ensure that the vacuum cleaner is effective in cleaning even the smallest pests.
    • Also, you can groomed your pets regularly and trim its fur regularly.
    • You might also try some DIY methods like applying apple cider vinegar mixed with water and spray it on your pet’s fur which is infested by flees. This can help you to eradicate fleas from the fur of your pets.
    • Finally, if all the methods given above might fail, you might need to hire a professional pest exterminator in Alfords Point.

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