What are the Ways to Control Fleas on Your Property?

What are the Ways to Control Fleas on Your Property?

Fleas are small pests that come into your property via your own pets or your neighborhood kitties and dogs. These pests are harmful not just for your beloved four-legged friends but also allergic to you and your family. Fleas suck out the blood from your pets and make them unenergetic and dull thus squeezing their usual zeal and zest. You can make use of DIY as well as flea pest control Sydney from time to time to clean your home and clear all the traces of these blood-sucking pests from your home. Read this blog further to understand the ways to control fleas in your property and get relief from them.

How do fleas affect animals?

  • Fleas can cause a lot of irritation and health issues among your pets. If you notice your cats and dogs scratching themselves incessantly then there is a chance they are deeply infested by pests.
  • The constant itching and scratching also leads to dirty and abraded fur coats and leading to nervous systemic disorders at times.
  • Pets are also likely to develop allergies to flea bites. Allergic pets can experience greater itching due to flea bites.
  • Fleas living on cats can bite their humans handling the cat.
    • Tips for controlling flea population in your property

      • Use Flea & Tick Pet Shampoo
        • Invest in a good pet shampoo that is designed specifically for ridding the poor pets from these pesky insects living rent-free on their backs. Wash and clean your pets with any Flea and Tick Pet Shampoo that will exterminate adult fleas and ticks living on your pets thus also making sure that your pets remain completely hygienic and pest-free.

          • Stay Calm and Your Pets Will Too
            • When using a flea and tick mist on your pets you need to make sure that you do so in a peaceful way. Calm down your pet and then apply the mist in a hassle-free manner in your backyard or washroom. You do not want to end up scaring the pet in any manner. Also you need to ensure that the mist or spray reaches their skin for which you need to hold back your pet’s fur while misting.

              • Hygiene management of pet bedding
                • Replace your pet bedding with fresh sheets and linen frequently and also do not forget to vacuum carefully. Vacuuming the bedding of your pet will facilitate removal of about 30-40% larvae and around 50- 60% eggs from the surface. Any dried blood still lying on the bedding which serves as food for the flea larvae can also be banished.

                  Wash your pet’s bedding in the highest temperature setting of your washing machine. The hot water will eliminate any residual traces of flea eggs or larvae. This is a necessary step in removing all the fleas on the bedding in the first wash. Follow these measures to clean and wash the bedding 1 time a week for at least 2-3 months. Keep the bedding for drying out in the sun. This will be useful to kill any residual larvae or eggs and also act as an antibacterial solution. You need to wash other areas or sheets that your pet likes to sleep on in this same manner.

                  • Treat common spots where fleas hide 
                    • Do not forget to treat spots where fleas hide commonly. Fleas normally tend to use spots such as places behind and below the chairs, tables, couches, inside cars and more. Unfortunately, people tend to overlook these places and forget cleaning or treating them. You should always remember to also run the vacuum inside your car. Also make sure your pet always sits or lounges on sheets or throws that are removable and washable.

                      • Vacuuming other areas
                        • Do not forget to vacuum areas below the beds, tables, chairs, furniture, cushions, and points near the walls. Throw off the vacuum bags once a week as a minimum. Doing so is important as these resilient pests can still carry on to grow inside vacuum bags and torment your pets and spoil the house. Flea control Sydney also offers professional reliable solutions.

                          • Combing pet fur
                            • Using a good flea comb and soap is your pet’s protection against fleas. Soap works just like a gentle insect repellent and also aides in protecting the pet from any infestation. Combing is helpful because it reduces the requirement of any actual insecticide to be used.

                              Flea combs have fine teeth that eliminate adult fleas from the pet’s fur. This way their fur also remains clean. Soak the comb regularly in soap water solution so that the fleas caught on the comb from the fur are killed.

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                              Posted on: 06/21/22

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