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    Termites are related to the taxonomic type of cockroach and they feed on dust, wood and animal dander. Generally, termite infestation can lead to heavy loss of furniture. At Pestico Pest Control Abbotsford, you can get high-tech and eco-friendly termite control treatments in Abbotsford at the affordable rates.  Also, they are safe for your pets, kids and family.

    Here are some signs which indicate termite infestation in your home or office-

    • Banging sound-In case you here some kind of banging sound in your furniture, then this can be a sign of termite infestation. This sound is the sound of termites that band their head and create sound of woods.
    • Tunnels in wood-Did you find any small tunnels in your furniture lately? Well, this can be an indication of termite infestation.

    We have listed some common types of termites-

    • Subterranean Termites
    • Dry wood Termites
    • Damp wood Termites
    • Formosan Termites
    • Flying Termites

    At Pestico Pest Control Abbotsford, our team uses number of methods to make sure that termites in your home or office are eradicated totally.  Read more about the comprehensive procedure undertaken by our experts.

    Termite extermination-

    We set up termite examination systems to detect their attack position. Through this process, we can make sure that your property is secure from termite attack.

    Termites dusting procedure-

    In this process, you might have to hire a skilled professional who can give best results.

    Chemical soil process-

    In this process, a specific chemical is applied on the soil around your floor. It will help experts to eliminate termites.

    Termite baits-

    In this eco-friendly method, experts use termite baits for eliminating these pesky creatures from certain furniture.

    Here are some of the DIY termite removal methods used in Abbotsford-

    • Ensure that your garden is regularly cleaned and grass is neatly cut.
    • Examine if you have any type of leakage in the property.
    • Ensure that there is no moisture or humidity built up in your home or office.
    • Buy or rent a well-ventilated property for your home or office.
    • Calamities such as overflowing hot water or blocked drainage tend to attract the termites. So, make sure that you avoid clogging of drains.

    If you have kept your furniture inclined towards the wall, then it can serve as an overpass for the termites to move from one place to the other.  So, make sure that if you are storing timber outside, then this will be a good step to prevent termite infestation.

    Read more to know about signs of termite infestation

    If you see any winged insects in or around your home, then these insects might be termites. Here are some indications that you have termite infestation in your home.

    • If you see any bubble like formations on the wooden surface, then this can be an indication of a termite infestation.
    • Is your wooden furniture feeling hollow? This can be due to termites.
    • In case you see that there are some mud tubes on outside walls of your home or office, then this can be an indication of termite infestation.

    Here are some ways in which termite control services in Abbotsford can be helpful for you-

    Pestico Pest Control Abbotsford is a highly specialized firm in which we have well qualified and skilled pest controllers who can provide advanced and fool-proof pest control services in your office or home. We also offer a free quote to our clients in which you can get an idea of our wide-ranging plan for eradicating termites. Also, we execute this plan astutely and ensure that their results are competent. Plus, our experts can offer you with deterrent tips so that you can take measures for preventing termite infestation in your home or at work.

    What is the process of staying away from termite infestation in Abbotsford?

    Keep your yards clean and keep a check-

    In case you see that there are some holes around the trees, then this can be an indication of termite infestation. You might also want to call the experts immediately and arrange a professional termite control service to make sure that your interior home is safe from their attack.

    Keep examining your timber furniture-

    For efficient precautions, you need to check your timber furniture to see if there is any tiny hole in your timber products. You can also poke your finger in the timber product and see whether it is hollow or solid. If you are suspicious, then you can use a masking tape for covering the holes. However, if you see multiple holes, then it is advisable to throw the entire furniture piece away as it can become a medium of termite infestation spreading in entire home.

    Get your property examined at least once a year-

    A routine examination of your home is advisable to prevent every type of pest infestation, especially termites. This can help you to stay alert and safe from pest attacks.

    You can follow the steps given above for termite removal in Abbotsford. However, in case you feel that the things out of control, and then call professionals and experts right away.  We at Pestico Pest Control Abbotsford, are equipped with wide experience of executing pest eradication treatments in Abbotsford. So, connect with us now and get exceptional treatment at reasonable prices.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are white ants and termites same insects?

    These are same animals, but ‘termite’ is a correct name which is used commonly.

    What do termites feed on?

    Termites tend to feed on wood, soil and animal dung. They might also result in damage to your furniture.

    I’ve found termites in my home, what can I do?

    You can trust our experts at Pestico Pest Control Abbotsford and hire them to carry out the essential treatments.

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