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Though your end of lease pest control process depends on the clauses mentioned in your rental agreement, still you can have new tenants shifting in your property and seeing some pests strolling in the property. This might lead to a quarrel or argument amongst both the parties. So, to avoid this hassle, we at Pestico Pest Control Loftus, ensure that your surroundings are pest free for your following resident. Our skilled professionals are trained thoroughly to execute pest control services in your property. You should also note that your end of lease pest removal services need to be performed after all your furniture is shifted to other place and cleaning is done.

Here we have given a list of some common domestic pests which can be spotted in your home-

In order to determine if there are any pests in your property, our skilled and professional team will carry out a proper examination and inspection of the site and then reach a proper conclusion. Here is a list of some main and prominent pests which are found in commercial or residential properties.

  • Cockroaches
  • Bedbugs
  • All types of rodents
  • Fleas
  • Termites
  • Ants

Do you want to understand how these pests can cause problem to your property? Read more.  

If you let the pests stay where they are, then there are chances that you might be in a great loss in future.  And when you rental contract ends, these unwanted pests might have done lots of damage to the property like-

  • Outspread of diseases, infections and allergies.
  • Profound structural damage to your rental property or furniture.
  • Issues related to rental bond.
  • Creation of an unpleasant environment for your next tenant.

After an end of lease pest control treatment, you can ensure that your surroundings are safe from infections and allergies which take place due to pests.

Who is accountable for carrying out end of lease pest control in Loftus?

The liability of carrying out pest control in Loftus is dependent on the clause written in your agreement and is signed between both the parties.  According to the terms and conditions, decided party needs to perform pest control for ants, fleas, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders and other kinds of termite protection.

If your resident tenant is responsible for triggering pest infestation, then the tenant is responsible for carrying out end of lease pest control in the property before shifting to another place. For instance, if there is bed bug infestation in your property, then they might be because constant travelling or if there are rodents then they might be due to unclean environment and fleas might grow due to a particular tenant’s pet.

Also, if you are a tenant and are accountable for pest control treatment, then you can choose any pest control firm of your choice and carry out the treatment in your property as per the clauses of your rental agreement.  The specifications of pest control treatment are dependent on the terms and conditions given in your agreement and you also need to insert some extra services like flea control in case you own a pet. Sometimes you might also need to carry out carpet cleaning services in your rental property.  In case you have a rented property, then you will have to vacate it and get it cleaned before you vacate it and shift to the another place.

Connect with us to hire our end of lease pest control treatment now-

At Pestico Pest Control Loftus, we know that shifting houses might be stressful and can involve a lot of hassle. Hence, we make our efforts to make shifting easier for you. We provide you the best end of lease pest control in Loftus and ensure that there are no complaints from the landlords. So, call us and know more about our efficient, prompt and reasonable end of lease pest solutions. We have an experience of collaborating with several property owners, real estate agents and tenants and offering a holistic and all-inclusive end of lease pest control and to make sure that you get pest-free property! So, connect with us now and book your services today.

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