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Rat Control Sydney 

Rats, rodents and mice are a menace in various types of properties. They are small creatures but can wreak a lot of havoc in your house, office or commercial establishment. With their weird squeaking sounds and movements, they can ruin anybody’s sleep and mental peace as they are nocturnal creatures coming out at night in search of food. If these pests get trapped inside HVAC units and ventilation they can die and needless to say, their decomposed bodies give out horrid smells. Contact Pestico Pest Control Sydney if you notice a rat infestation in your property. Our pest control experts have the required training and experience to deal with rodent infestations of any magnitude with precision and great results. With us you are assured of getting the best results and the rats and mice gone from your property. 



  1. Rodents, rats and mice chew and gnaw at anything they can find. They chew the wires, insulation and cables interfering in their functioning which can cause power outage and short circuits. Hence opting for mouse control Sydney immediately when you experience the signs of mice activity in your home is essential. 
  1. When you opt for rat control Sydney for your property, your house automatically gets safeguarded against future mice and rat infestations. Rats and mice are less likely to access any property that has been rodent-proofed or treated chemically. 
  1. Rodents, rats and mice roam throughout gutters, drainage systems, chimneys, eaves on the roof and many more such dirty and dusty places. As a result, they carry a lot germs and disease-causing bacteria on them. They can transmit serious diseases and health concerns to humans. Hence rodent-proofing the house or opting for rat control from Pest Control Sydney is necessary.   
  1. Rats and mice can cause damage to your possessions by chewing on them. If you come across chewed books or newspapers, holes on your clothes for no apparent reason, then that is a sign of rat infestation. Prevent further damage to the things in your property by connecting with Pestico Pest Control Sydney. 


Services we Offer 

  • Rat control Sydney 
  • Mice control Sydney 
  • Rodent Removal 
  • Residential Pest Control 
  • End of Lease Pest Control 
  • Commercial Pest Control 
  • Bird Nesting Removal  
  • Bed Bugs Control  
  • Cockroach Control  
  • Bees Control 


Why Choose Us? 

Pestico Pest Control Sydney is the region’s best and an-in demand pest control service. We have the best rat removal experts in Sydney working for us. We provide highest quality pest services to all our clients. Our dedication at achieving the best results every single time has made us the highly preferred pest service provider. We provide pest control services for eliminating pests of different types. 

  • Our pest control experts are experienced, trained and skilled periodically. They have expertise in operating the latest and advanced pest control identification and treatment technology. 
  • The pest control products and treatment techniques used by our teams are biodegradable and do not pose any harm to nature, your kids and your surroundings. 
  • The pest control teams working for us are certified and also possess the requisite licensing required for the job. 
  • Our pest control technicians work day and night and so you can book an appointment for any day, week or month at any time of your convenience.    
  • We provide same day Pest Control Zetland appointments for clients who have paucity of time for availing pest control services for their houses. 



Have a mouse or rat infestation at hand? Do not worry, speak to our customer care executive and they will understand your issue and provide you with an appointment. Visit our website to fill in all your required details for booking an appointment. Our pest control teams are always at your disposal to rid your property of any annoying pests at the earliest. 



  1. What are common signs of a rat infestation? 

A rat infestation can be identified with chewed marks on walls, belongings, rat excreta, scraping and screeching noises, stains of urine and many more. Speak to customer support person to resolve your queries on the same. They will help you with it and also provide you with an appointment for Mice Control Sydney. 


  1. What makes any property an attractive place for rats and mice? 

Mice and rats are attracted to any property that provides them with a constant supply of food, moisture and warmth for breeding.  Houses that are unclean and can provide them with food immediately are invaded by these pests for breeding and shelter. Schedule an appointment for your property at Rat Removal Sydney for fool-proof pest control solutions for your home, office or factory. 


  1. What do rats and mice feed on for survival? 

Mice and rats are omnivores, which means they can survive on vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food sources available to them. They normally feed on food grains, fruits, seeds, plants, nuts, pet food, meats, oats, rice etc. 


  1. What can you do to get rid of the rats and mice from your home? 

You can make use of baits and traps that can be placed at locations frequented by these pests. You can also block off any cracks or crevices in the property that may be facilitating their entry into your home. For better and professional results, you can also connect with Pest Control Hillsborough team for an appointment for eliminating the rats and mice from your property. 


  1. How much would it cost to eliminate rats and rodents from my property? 

The costs of Mouse Control Sydney services vary according to the property type, the scope of infestation, and the size of the property. Reach out to Rat Control Sydney on 0480032290 to get a better understanding of the rates involved in rat control for your property. 

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