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 Possums are protected marsupials that live in the forest. With a decent population in Australia, they can often be a common sight in your backyard or home. The trouble with possum infestation is the number of diseases, unwanted excreta, and unclean surroundings they can leave you with. If you have been looking out for the best Possum removal Sydney service, say goodbye to your worries.

Adhering to all safety and health guidelines implemented by the Australian government, Pestico Pest Control Sydney delivers quick and proactive possum removal services at your doorstep. It is our pleasure to serve you with the best pest control services in the market.

Things You Need To Know About Possums

The excretory matter released by Possums is known to contain bacteria that have the ability to consume flesh through deep skin ulcers.
Exposure to the excretory matter of Possums can cause serious diseases like leptospirosis or hepatitis.
Possums play dead when they feel they are subjected to a predatory threat.
Playing dead is a deep-rooted defense mechanism in a possum. However, it isn't in control of the situation and retires to a "dead-like" state when gripped with immense fear or threat.
Possums are among the list of protected species in Australia. Consequently, killing them is considered a grave criminal offense.

Likes and Dislikes of Possums

The Likes

 Possums are nocturnal creatures who indulge in their fair share of rest during the daytime. As a result, they are out and about looking for food and shelter during nighttime. Usually, they are most active during the first and second halves of the night hours. They like inhabiting tree hollows and nest boxes; the tree lofts are their favorite places to be. They love feeding on fruits, grains, insects, slugs, snails, compost, and several other kinds of easily accessible food.

The Dislikes

 These animals tend to avoid bright light sources, all the way from natural to artificial light, as much as possible. Be it your usual reflectors or the lights on your porch, a possum will want to keep away from the limelight at all hours. Moreover, they do not like plants such as camphor or garlic, since they are extremely strong smelling.

While a treasured species in the wild, they can cause the ruckus you wouldn’t really want in your backyard. This is where Possum Removal Sydney comes to your rescue.

How To Understand A Possum Is Reigning In Your Residence?

Here are a few reasons why you’ve begun finding possums in your residence.

If you have a backyard that has a lot of trees and vegetation, this can attract possums very easily. The possums that come drawn to these sources of food have the ability to wreak havoc in your backyard.
Since possums are nocturnal, they make a very easily identifiable screeching sound at night when they're active and around. They do this to seek attention and communicate with others in the species.
Possum droppings can often be found in several areas in your home if they are around. They are easy to identify with their dark brown colour. Sometimes, they also have yellowish mould growth on top.
These animals can emit an odour around them since they have glands that secrete smelly substances. It is this odour coupled with the dead pretension that allows them to effectively keep predators away.
Possums will always leave marks around your house with their tails or claws.
They can also leave bite marks on your furniture and outdoor plants. They indulge in this chewing and biting to always keep their teeth sharp.

The moment you notice any of these signs, it is time to get in touch with the ideal pest and animal removal professionals. Possum removal, Sydney, will help you keep your house clean and hygienic at all times.

How Are We The Ideal Possum Removal Services?

Once you’re done with your fair share of study on Possums and know that one has been causing an unwanted ruckus around your home, there’s just one ideal solution. Getting in touch with the best professionals in town!

We locate possums in or around your home
We know how to block all entry points for possums at your house
We help with the removal of trapped or dead possums in your house
We help you get rid of possums stuck in inaccessible parts of your house, such as the rooftop or chimney.
Simultaneously, we take care of keeping other insects and pests at bay.
We provide eco-friendly possum removal.
Lastly, we ensure we leave your place safe and hygienic once the possum removal drive is over.

Possum Removal Sydney is no longer a challenging task when you’ve found the most eco-friendly and experienced pest service. We provide hassle-free pest removal, sanitization, and maintenance.

Possum Removal Sydney Covers All The Areas You Need

We make Possum Removal, Sydney makes its services available in residential complexes, government premises, hospitals, industries, commercial zones, restaurants and hotels, schools, religious premises, factories, and all the other places you can think of.

Why Choose Possum Removal Sydney?

Here’s why you should choose our services:

  • Instant pest control services at your doorstep
  • More than a decade's experience in the pest control industry
  • Use of the most eco-friendly equipment and solutions
  • Cover a wide range of premises
  • Professional and licensed technicians who will get the job done

We offer a same-day possum removal service in Sydney. A 24*7 operation allows us to effectively take care of our customer’s needs. Our team of professionals is always at your service, and we locate and remove possums from residential and commercial spaces. Our eco-friendly solutions ensure optimum hygiene and safety standards.

Customer satisfaction is our very first priority, and all our services are tailor-made to stand true on the same front. Whenever pest control is on the cards, consider Possum removal Sydney your rescue.


Why is possum removal important?

Possums carry a variety of bacteria and microorganisms that can cause serious infectious diseases in humans. They can also cause material property-related damage.

How can pest control services be helpful?

Pest Control services can be of immense help as they help you keep your surroundings clean, hygienic, and free from diseases that pests carry.

What pest control services do we offer?

We help with pest locating, management, removal, sanitization, and routine pest control protocols. Our aim is to help you keep pests, diseases, and damage away.

How to choose the best Possum removal Sydney service?

Our years of experience and a team of trained technicians together help you avail the best Possum removal and pest control service in Sydney.

How to deal with possum removal?

The best way to deal with possum removal is by getting in touch with a competitive and customer-friendly pest control service.

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