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    Pest infestation is stressful no matter if it happens in your home or office. Living with pests doesn’t only impose health hazards but can also cause widespread damage to property and belongings. At, Pestico Pest Control Sydney we offer complete solutions for all kinds of pest infestation. Our in-house team of technicians are licensed and experts in offering excellent pest management services to both residential and commercial clients in Seaforth! 

    5 Reasons to Hire Professionals for Pest Control Seaforth

    Protect your property from pests like ants, wasps, rodents and so on 

    Keep your business and inventory safe with professional pest control Sydney 

    Safeguard the health of your loved ones by eliminating diseases causing pests 

    Keep your furniture, books, clothing, carpets and other belongings safe. 

    Save money on repairs and replacement, and get hassle-free pest control services 

    Our Step-by-Step Pest Control Process


    We begin with a thorough examination of your property and check all the possible areas. Our inspection includes identifying pest type, damage done to the property, level of pest infestation and so on.

    Pest Treatment

    After examination, we formulate an action plan for eliminating pests from your property. We instruct the residents of the building and provide necessary guidance for the safe pest control treatment. 

    Using green chemicals, fumigation techniques or baits and traps, we remove pests from your property. The chemicals used are safe for domestic use and are pet-friendly. 


    After a few days, we re-visit your property for inspection. We carefully look for the signs of pests to ensure your premises are safe and pest-free. 

    Our Services Include

    We offer a wide range of pest control services and here’s what you can avail yourself:

    Rodent repellent and control service
    Wasp control, removals, and exterminator
    Silverfish control
    Ants removal and control
    Cockroach removal and fumigation
    Mosquito control service
    Treatment for woodworms
    Pest eradication and guard
    Fumigation and chemical sprays
    Fumigation for bed bugs
    Spider and fly control
    Bat, Spider, Moth, and Bee Control
    Flea treatment
    Commercial and residential pest control Sydney
    Emergency pest control and same-day pest control Seaforth
    Squirrels, Tick, and Bees Control
    Scorpion control

    Affordable Pest Control Service in Seaforth

    Pest control services are effective in keeping your property safe and hygienic at the cost of a few bucks. At, Pestico Pest Control Sydney we offer the most affordable pest control services across Seaforth. Our friendly and courteous team of experts considers factors like pest type, level of infestation and treatment method adopted that influence your final estimate. Additionally, we also offer instant quotes over call. So, don’t wait anymore, give us a call at 0480032290 and make your home a haven for your loved ones! 

    Residential Pest Control Seaforth

    Having pests at home can make your life miserable. Be quick at hiring the best pest control company in Seaforth Pestico Pest Control Sydney! we offer exceptional residential pest control solutions in all the metropolitans, suburbs and remote regions. Get instant relief from household pests like rodents, cockroaches, bees and wasps by hiring us! 

    Commercial Pest Control Sydney

    Commercial places must remain pest-free and hygienic for running successfully. Pests can wreak havoc and cause widespread damage worth millions of dollars. To keep your commercial spaces pest-free rely on our pest control services. We use innovative techniques and eco-friendly chemicals for eliminating pests from your property. Our pest management services include pest removal, monitoring and prevention so your commercial spaces remain hygienic all year round! 

    We Serve All

    We offer pest control services to several commercial and residential locations, including: 

    Hospitals and healthcare centres 

    Salons, spas and resorts 

    Hotels and motels 

    Schools and universities 

    Offices and warehouses 

    Manufacturing plants  

    Residential buildings 

    Shopping malls and commercial complexes 

    Why Choose Pestico Pest Control Sydney?

    We are the most trusted brand in the pest control industry renowned for offering premium quality pest control services. And, there are several reasons why you should rely on us! 

    Decades of experience in the industry 

    Licensed and certified team of technicians 

    Cutting-edge technology and innovative devices 

    Eco-friendly pest control solutions 

    Fast, reliable and effective services of pest control Seaforth 

    100% guaranteed results and customer satisfaction 

    Affordable prices that fit your budget 

    24×7 availability and same-day pest control Sydney 


    Don’t let the pests infest your property, hire the best pest control company in Seaforth and get rid of annoying critters quickly! Call us at 0480032290 right away! 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! With professional cockroach control services, you can get permanent relief from annoying cockroaches hiding inside your property. We use modern technology and effective techniques for eliminating pests. Furthermore, we also provide pest prevention tips and services for keeping your property safe. 

    Our team of technicians are highly qualified, well-trained and skilled. We only hire the most experienced and licensed professionals who can handle pest situations at both residential and commercial locations. Rely on our competent, friendly and courteous professionals and get hassle-free pest control services.

    Annual pest control is highly recommended for keeping your property safe from pest attacks. However, if pests keep showing up at your property it is best to avail services for pest control Seaforth at least twice or thrice a year. 

    Yes! Our pest control services are carried out using innovative tools, and modern technology. We also use eco-friendly chemicals for eliminating pests from your property. Just avail regular pest control services and follow our preventive measures and see the results yourself! 

    Yes. Pestico Pest Control Sydney offers flexible services that remain available 24×7 and 365 days a year. We provide pest control services on weekends and public holidays upon request. Just reach out to us at 0480032290 and get your bookings confirmed today! 

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