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Best-in-Class Pest Control in Oxley Park

Living with pests is stressful. Aside from causing widespread havoc, they spread disease-causing bacteria and even affect the value of your property. Getting rid of tiny pests is important for ensuring hygiene and safety. 

Pestico Pest Control Sydney is an industry leader renowned for offering complete and effective pest control services at affordable rates. Whether you need spider control, flea treatment, rodent control, bedbugs extermination or fumigation we can handle all kinds of pest infestation using modern technology and effective techniques. Get residential and commercial pest control services across Oxley Park from the industry’s best team of pest controllers! 

Benefits of Routine Professional Pest Control Service

Pest control is a challenging task and requires expertise and skills. And, a professional pest control service has a lot of benefits to offer which include: 

Protection of your property from notorious pests like rodents, cockroaches, ants, wasps, and so on. 

Prevention from diseases spreading pests like rodents, and cockroaches. 

Safeguard your business and belongings from premature damage 

Save money on frequent repairing and replacements 

Save time by avoiding DIY hacks and get hassle-free services 


Process of Pest Control Oxley Park

Property Inspection

We thoroughly inspect your property upon arrival. We check all the strategic areas, locate the pest, and identify its type, degree of infestation and damage done to the property.

Pest Extermination

After inspection, we formulate an action plan for the elimination of pests. All the necessary instructions are provided to the residents of the buildings so they can remain safe during the pest control process. We use modern technology and eco-friendly chemicals for pest extermination. 


After a few days, we re-visit your property for inspection. For some pests, re-visiting and treatment are necessary. We continuously monitor pest activities to ensure your property is pest-free and safe! 

Services Available at Pestico Pest Control Sydney

Get a wide range of pest control services from the leading pest control company in Oxley Park! Here’s what we offer:

Rodent repellent and control service
Wasp control, removals, and exterminator
Silverfish control
Ants removal and control
Cockroach removal and fumigation
Mosquito control service
Treatment for woodworms
Pest eradication and guard
Fumigation Process
Fumigation for bed bugs
Spider and fly control
Bat, Spider, Moth, and Bee Control
Flea treatment
Industrial and commercial pest control Oxley Park
Emergency pest control and same-day pest control Sydney
Squirrels, Tick, and Bees Control
Scorpion control
Domestic pest control

Details of Our Services

Rodent Control

Rodents can chew away and destroy everything including furniture, grains, old books, magazine, clothing, carpets and so on. Rely on our rodent control services and get effective results at affordable prices. We use modern tools and chemicals for eliminating rodents from your property, so you can get permanent relief from these nasty creatures.

Affordable Pest Control Sydney 

Want cost-effective pest control services in Oxley Park? Contact us at 0480032290 and get the best-in-class pest control services in the city! We offer property inspection and complete pest control solutions without any hidden charges. We offer the most economical pest control services and offer an instant quote over a call. 

Emergency Pest Control Oxley Park 

Getting rid of pests should not be delayed. We understand you want to eliminate pests as soon as possible from your property and that is why we offer emergency Pest Control Sydney. Our team of experts arrive within just a few hours of making a booking and eliminates all kinds of pests using a modern and effective approach! 

Areas We Inspect for Signs of Pests

Inside the property 

The exterior of the property 

Attics, basement and storerooms 

Bathroom and kitchen 


Garage and driveways 

Backyard, Garden and fencing 

Carpets and around trashcans 

Roofs, ceilings and under-floor gaps 


Why Hire Us?

Pestico Pest Control Sydney is a highly trusted name in the pest control industry. And aside from our reputation and high-quality services, we have ample reasons that make us your first choice: 

Over a decade of industry experience and a loyal customer base 

Premium-quality services and guaranteed results 

Team of qualified, well-trained, and licensed professionals 

Hi-tech equipment and eco-friendly pest control solution 

Affordable services and instant quote 

Same day pest control Oxley Park 

24×7 availability    

Don’t think twice, just give us a call at 0480032290 and take a step forward in creating a healthy and safe environment on your property! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Pestico Pest Control Sydney offers pest control services at a reasonable price. Our team of experts analyse the situation before providing a final rate. Furthermore, a few pest infestation issues require several site visiting, which can increase the cost. 

Availing of pest control treatment once every quarter or at least 2-3 times a year is highly recommended for those who witness frequent pest problems. For others, an annual pest control service is a must. 

Yes! We offer emergency and same-day pest control services in Oxley Park. We understand that is it best to get rid of the pests ASAP. And hence, we arrive prepared at your doorstep within a few hours of making a booking! Just keep our contact number 0480032290 handy so you can get quick relief from pest problems. 

There isn’t much you need to do before the pest control treatment begins. Our team of technicians provide the necessary guidance and instructions for your safety. Just remain outdoors for 4-5 hours and return to a pest-free home! 

No. We use eco-friendly and green chemicals for eliminating pests from your property and ensure no harm comes to your pets and plants. Our pesticides and sprays are safe for domestic use. Call us at 0480032290 and make your surrounding safe and hygienic by eliminating pests! 

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