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Premium Quality Pest Control Services in Mascot!

Pest infestation is the last thing you want to deal with after getting home from work. These tiny pests live in hiding and thrive at night, making them difficult to spot. Aside from spreading deadly bacteria and viruses, pests can wreak havoc inside your property causing damages worth millions of dollars!

Pestico Pest Control Sydney is a reputed pest control company offering unbeatable services at one stop. We have the most reliable and experienced team of technicians who are well trained to handle pest situations at both commercial and residential locations. Using modern tools and green chemicals we can eliminate pests from your property quickly and effectively! 

Why Is Professional Pest Control Necessary?

Professional Pest Control Mascot comes with several benefits that every property owner should know. A few are mentioned below: 

  • Professional technicians use modern tools for locating, identifying and monitoring pest infestation on your property. 
  • Using effective methods and green chemicals the pests are eliminated ensuring no harm comes to your kids and pets! 
  • Get hassle-free, quick and guaranteed results from pest control services. 
  • Save time by avoiding DIY hacks and allowing experts to do the job effectively. 
  • Save money by preventing property damage, health problems and repair works. 

Our Pest Control Process

We follow the detailed process for eliminating pests from your property. And, here’s how we deal with pests: 

Inspection and Treatment
As soon as we arrive, we proceed with inspecting your property. All the strategic areas are inspected and pests locations are identified. Later, we examine the pest type, level of infestation, damage done to property and so on.  
Based on the findings we formulate an action plan for the treatment of pests hiding inside the property. We either fumigate or use chemical sprays, baits and traps for eliminating pests.
After a few days, we revisit your location to check on the progress. We thoroughly look for the signs of pests in the property as it is necessary to ensure your premises are pest-free and safe! 

Services We Offer 

We offer a wide range of pest control services and here’s what you can avail yourself from us: 

Termite control and prevention

Cockroach control

Flea treatment

Silverfish Control

Spider Control

Bees and wasps extermination

Rodent removal and control

Tick and fly control

Bed bug extermination 

Fumigation and chemical spray


Mosquito control 

Scorpion control

Bat, ants and moth control

Commercial pest control Sydney

Residential pest control Mascot

Same Day and emergency pest control


Termite Control Service

Termites are one of the most notorious pests on earth. They can damage wooden timbers, floorings and furniture in a short span. Pestico Pest Control Sydney offers expert termite control and prevention services at affordable rates. Rely on our team of pest controllers for effective and guaranteed results!

Rodent Control Sydney

Rodents can spread diseases, and cause widespread damage. These are filthy pests that should not be lurking inside your property, making your hygiene level questionable. We offer effective rodent control and prevention services to both residential and commercial customers. Just reach out to us at 0480032290 and get instant relief from rodents! 

Same Day Pest Control Mascot

Looking for a quick and effective solution for pests? Pestico Pest Control Sydney offers same-day pest control services to provide instant relief from annoying pests. We reach your location the same day as making a booking. Keep our contact number 0480032290 handy, and feel free to give us a call for same-day pest control Mascot! 

Expert Tips for Pest Control and Prevention

Aside from availing of pest control services, try these tips for keeping your property safe and pest-free! 

  • Maintain hygiene by vacuuming and mopping once or twice a week 
  • Keep your kitchen clean and organized by storing food properly 
  • Use garbage bags and throw out the trash every day. Keep the lid of the dustbin on. 
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes overnight. 
  • De-clutter storerooms and attics. Avoid storing old books, clothing and newspapers for long. 
  • Maintain your garden by mowing grasses, and trimming vegetation 
  • Block entry points and use nets for preventing pest invasion. 

Why Choose Us?

Pestico Pest Control Sydney is an industry leader having decades of experience in the industry. And, being a top-notch pest control company, there are a plethora of reasons why you should choose us: 

  • Complete and premium quality pest control services at one-stop! 
  • Expert team of technicians, qualified and licensed for carrying out pest control services across Mascot. 
  • Quick, reliable and affordable pest control services 
  • Cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly pest control solution 
  • Same day and emergency services  
  • 24×7 and all year long availability 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is pest control service beneficial?

Yes! Professional pest control services can help in keeping your property safe. Pests can cause widespread damage to your belongings and even spread disease-causing bacteria. To keep your loved ones protected, availing pest control services is the most reliable option. 
2. Can chemicals harm my pets and plants?
No! We understand you remain concerned about your plants and pets, and that is why we use only green chemicals for pest control which are safe for domestic use. We ensure you get effective results of pest control from us! 

3. How often should I avail of pest control services? 
Annual pest control treatment is highly suggested to all homeowners. However, in case your location or property has frequent pest problems, it is best to contact professionals and avail of pest control services 2-3 times a year.

4. Can I avail of the pest control service on weekends? 
Yes! We remain open 24×7 and 365 days a year and offer complete pest control services across Mascot. Whether it is a holiday or a weekend we offer services as per the availability of the customer. Just dial 0480032290 and let our experts take care of your property! 

5. Do you provide emergency pest control Mascot?
Yes! We understand the urgency of the situation and therefore, offer emergency pest control services across Mascot. Our team of technicians reach your location within just a few hours of booking confirmation and get rid of annoying pests from your property! 

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