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Number #1 Pest Control Service in Kareela!

Do you have pest problems at home? Get rid of annoying pests with professional pest control services and protect your investment and loved ones from diseases! 

Pestico Pest Control Sydney is a top-rated pest control company offering premium quality services at affordable prices. Whether it is rodent control, flea treatment, spider control, ants treatment or cockroach control, we offer complete services at one stop. Rely on our team of experts for effective, quick and reliable pest control services in Kareela! 

Why Hire Professionals for Pest Control Services?

Professional pest control services have a lot of benefits, and a few are mentioned below: 


Protect your property from destructive pests like borers, cockroaches and ants. 

Save money on property repair and replacement expenses.

Keep your family safe from diseases spreading to pests like rodents, ants, cockroaches and so on. 

Safeguard your belongings and valuables like furniture, books, clothes and carpets. 

Our Pest Control Procedure

We follow a standard step-by-step process for eliminating pests from your property. And, here’s how we proceed with pest control treatment: 

Detailed Inspection

As soon as we arrive, our team begins with a detailed inspection of the property. We locate pests, identify their type, and inspect the damage done to the property. Our team of experts formulate an action plan for the treatment of pests and provide necessary instructions to the residents of the building.

Pest Treatment

Based on the type of pest and level of infestation, we proceed with property fumigation or use chemical sprays, baits and traps for eliminating pests. Our pesticides and insecticides are eco-friendly and safe for domestic use and do not harm plants and pets. 


For some pest infestations, revisiting a property is necessary. Our team checks the property for signs of infestation to ensure the premise is safe and pest-free! 

We Offer Complete Pest Control Services

At, Pestico Pest Control Sydney we offer a wide range of pest control services at one-stop. Here’s what you can find: 

Rodent repellent and control service
Wasp control, removals, and exterminator
Silverfish control
Ants removal and control
Cockroach removal and fumigation
Mosquito control service
Treatment for woodworms
Pest eradication and guard
Fumigation Process
Fumigation for bed bugs
Spider and fly control
Bat, Spider, Moth, and Bee Control
Flea treatment
Industrial and commercial pest control Kareela
Emergency pest control and same-day pest control
Squirrels, Tick, and Bees Control
Scorpion control
Domestic pest control Sydney

Affordable Pest Control Kareela

Pest control services available at Pestico Pest Control Sydney are available at super affordable prices. Our team of highly-qualified professionals work sincerely for eliminating pests from your property. Using cutting-edge technology and effective pest control treatments offer pest management services to both residential and commercial clients. To get benefitted from our exceptional pest control services give us a call at 0480032290 and get your property pest-controlled today! 

Emergency Pest Control Sydney

A pest infestation can make your life stressful, and that is why it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible. That is why we offer quick and effective pest control service across Kareela. Get emergency pest control services within a few hours of booking confirmation. Let our experts take care of your pest situation ensuring you live in a safe and hygienic environment!

Dial 0480032290 and talk to our experts for making a quick booking! 

Areas to Look for Signs of Pest Infestation

We offer pest control services to several commercial and residential locations, including: 

Inside the building 

Outside the building 

Garden and backyard 

Driveway and garage 

Fencing and Carpets 

Basement, and attics 

Bathroom and kitchen 

Tips For Preventing Pest Infestation

We are the most trusted brand in the pest control industry renowned for offering premium quality pest control services. And, there are several reasons why you should rely on us! 

Maintain cleanliness by regularly vacuuming, mopping and sanitizing 

Store food properly using airtight containers and sealable bags 

Don’t leave dirty dishes overnight, wash them every night 

Throw out the trash every day 

Use garbage bags and keep the lid of the dustbin on 

Trim vegetation and mow the lawn 

Store wooden timbers in a dry and safe area  

Install fly screens and block entry points 

Why Choose Pestico Pest Control Sydney?

We are the most renowned pest control company in Kareela. And aside from our sheer professionalism, there are several reasons why you should hire us: 

Over ten years of experience in the industry 

Well-trained, licensed and certified team of friendly professionals 

Use of modern equipment and eco-friendly solution 

Affordable, quick and reliable pest control services 

100% guaranteed customer satisfaction 

Same day and emergency pest control Sydney 

24×7 days a week and all year round availability  

Don’t let the pests destroy your belongings and spread diseases. Hire us today by calling 0480032290 and get an instant quote over call! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All our technicians are well-trained, licensed and certified for handling all kinds of pest infestation situations in both residential and commercial setups. Our courteous and friendly pest controllers are highly qualified, skilled and experienced to take care of your property and pest problems. 

No! We use eco-friendly pesticides and insecticides for the treatment of pests hiding inside your property. Our chemicals are green and specially made for domestic use, so no harm comes to your plants or pets. 

Our pest control treatment takes around 2-3 hours which includes a thorough property inspection, treatment and prevention. Our experts provide a time estimate beforehand, so you can keep your kids and pets outside for a few hours. 

Pest control services are affordable at Pestico Pest Control Sydney. Our final price is influenced by the type of pest, level of infestation, damage done to the property, treatment used and several visiting required.  

Yes! We offer pest control services all across Kareela on weekends and public holidays as well. Our services remain open 24×7 and 365 days a year! So, give us a call at 0480032290 and get your bookings confirmed! 

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