How to Keep Possums out of your house? 

How to Keep Possums out of your house? 

Possums are bad news; however cute they may look. There are chances that you have seen one of them lurking in your garden or even peeking at you from the garage while you are taking your car out. They can cause immeasurable damage to your garden, garage, basement and other parts of your home. They are spreaders of diseases like leptospirosis, trichomoniasis, tuberculosis and many more. Moreover, they also carry ticks, fleas, lice etc. on themselves that can cause various diseases. They tend to play dead when they are attacked by humans or predators. However, they are also a protected species under various Australian laws.

Read ahead to understand what you can do to keep possums away from your house for good. 

Creating noise sources

Hanging out wind chimes or any noise source. That will deter possums from coming anywhere near your property and hence help keep these pests away from your property. Noise sources or machines that keep making whirring sounds can be a good option to use as noise irritates them and prevents them from entering your property.

Relocate the possum away from your home

You can also lay traps to catch them in a cage and then relocate them to a different location. However, you need to ensure that you do not leave them in an area where they cannot find any water or food while also making sure that they do not find a way back to your property.

However, if the possums keep returning to your property, it is time that you contact a pest control provider that delivers possum removal Sydney for a better way out.

Control the growth of your trees and shrubs in the backyard or garden

Possums can get attracted to areas that have a lot of vegetation around. If you have fruit-laden trees, you are likely to attract a possum population because they love to feast on fruit and nuts. So, keeping these trees to a minimum is advised to control the possum population and keep them from coming and nesting in your property for long.

The possums when scavenging for food also cause a lot of damage and destruction to the place. Hence, it is better to keep their food sources to a minimum.

Keep the pet food and water inside

Avoid placing your pet’s food and water on the outside of your home for this could attract possums inside your property. Same goes for the birdfeeders as well. Keeping the bird food out of the reach of these possums may help in deterring them from eating it. Possums leave their droppings and also a putrid odour behind, hence it is easier to know about their existence.

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Posted on: 04/11/22

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