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    Flea Control Sydney– Fleas behave differently than other insects and bugs that wreak havoc on our lives. Furthermore, fleas cannot bite humans and can only feed on pets such as cats and dogs. Vibration is used to classify potential targets. They can’t leap very high and can crawl to a certain height.

    Why Do We Need Flea Control Sydney?

    Fleas may cause discomfort to our skin even if they can’t bite humans. Female fleas are larger than males. Further, they have spines and hair which, point reverse and also have spiky legs. These factors helped them to hide in the fur of animals and also hop around.

    When there are dogs around, a flea infestation can become an issue. The most obvious sign of a flea infestation is when your dogs scratch themselves more than usual. The annoyance and allergic reactions become a problem, necessitating immediate Flea Control Sydney.

    Flea Infestation Dangers

    Pets cannot always be kept indoors; they must be taken for a stroll or walk outside. They will get fleas from a neighbour’s pet or a stray animal. However, flea infestations are common, so regular checks are required to ensure that your pet is not infected.

    Fleas are not dangerous to humans. So, if they bite you, you must seek medical atten-tion. Breathing difficulties and swollen face, tongue, hands, and/or lips are possible responses.
    Flea infestations cause Anaemia in cats. If left untreated, this could lead to death.
    Flea Allergic Dermatitis, or FAD, is a condition that causes severe pain in your pets and may result in pus bumps that cause hair loss.
    Pets are susceptible to flea-borne illnesses. They may even contract tapeworms. Hu-mans may also be affected by their dogs in the same way.
    Because fleas infest rats, they can become a carrier of the bubonic plague virus.
    Murine Typhus is another illness that can affect humans. Nausea, headache, and fever are some of the symptoms.

    Fleas That Are Found In Your Property Or Home

    Fleas on cats
    Cat Flea is a parasite that lives in the cat's fur and feeds on its blood.
    Predominantly occupy locations where cats typically rest, such as cat baskets or box-es.
    They have elongated, skinny legs that help them jump.
    Fleas on Dogs
    Adult canine fleas live in the fur of dogs and feed on their blood. Humans are often bitten by them.
    They range in length from 1mm to 4mm. Dog flea larvae are off-white and can grow to be 5mm long.
    Adult dog fleas are brown and can become reddish-black after feeding.

    How To Identify Flea Bites?

    Flea bites in humans can be distressing, uncomfortable, and irritating. However, flea bites in your dogs can be even worse. If your pet dog or cat  is continually scratching any area of its body, this might be a sign of a flea bite.

    A flea bite appears as a brown or red mark that is less swollen than other insect bites on humans. If you find fleas, professional help to get rid of them may be the best alternative. Pestico Pest Control Sydney will give you with flea treatment and extraction from your cats, dogs and home. We have extensive experience treating various flea species and providing appropriate flea control.

    Fantastic Flea Control Sydney Because Your Family, Children, And Pets De-serve Best

    Because your children, family, and pets deserve. They go in hunt of warm-blooded corpses to eat. Dog fleas and cat fleas are the most basic examples of fleas. While Cat Fleas can infect cats, dogs, and a few other animals, Dog Fleas only infect dogs and rabbits.

    Dogs are commonly targeted in the back of the body, while cats are targeted around the neck and head.

    Look for larvae, pupae, and eggs in your backyard and everywhere else your pet has left its imprint.

    Check for red or black flea droppings on rugs and in sitting rooms. If you come across tiny dirt-like particles, gather them with moist tissue and look for blood rings.

    Once you’ve detected a flea infestation, act quickly to fight it. It is not easy to get rid of a flea infestation. It becomes tough because adult fleas are small and can go for days without eating.

    Prevention From Fleas With Flea Control Sydney

    Here are a few tips to keep fleas at bay:

    Vacuuming floors, rugs, cracks, crevices, and upholstery on furniture.
    Kill fleas and bugs alike by raising the temperature to 50 degrees Celsius or higher in breeding areas. Use a comb to groom your pet's fur and see a vet regularly.
    Make sure to dispose of the vacuum packet outside and away from your house. It's easiest to burn it without opening it.
    Keep your dogs' fur tidy, well-groomed, and trimmed.
    You should mix apple cider vinegar with water and spray it on your pet's flea-infested fur. It would cause the pests to flee.
    Diatomaceous Earth, or DE, is a helpful non-chemical therapy. It successfully de-stroys fleas by dehydrating their bodies and killing them all at once.

    If all of the above techniques fail, you should recruit a professional to get rid of the flea infestation. Pestico Pest Control is a Sydney-based flea control specialist. Our licensed and experienced pest technicians assist in the rapid control and removal of pests using environmentally friendly techniques.

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    Flea Control Sydney FAQ

    How do I get rid of the fleas in my house?
    Vacuuming your house often should help control the flea population in your home.
    What infections will fleas transmit?
    Fleas are primarily responsible for illnesses such as tapeworms, cat scratching, and other health problems.
    What attracts the fleas?
    Fleas are drawn to warm, humid environments.
    What can I do if my dog has fleas?
    Professional treatment for your dog is required because it will achieve maximum flea removal from your pet’s body and alleviate its scratching condition.
    Why killing adult fleas is not the solution to get rid of them?
    Because adult fleas account for just 5% of the total

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