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Most Reliable Services Of End Of Lease Pest Control In Sydney

Whether you are shifting to another rental house or giving your premises on rent, you are bound to take the end of lease pest control. It is a lawful act that says, you need to hand over the place to the party by cleaning it properly. It is not good for anyone to share a home with pests. These minor obligations may create tension in all the parties involved. The best way to solve this issue is, call Pestico Pest Control Sydney and avail of the best services of end-of-lease pest control in Sydney.

Check your rental agreement properly as it requires the end of lease pest control. Also, you need to hire professionals for this job, as the end-of-lease pest control needs to clear out all the hidden pests in the house or building.

Most Common Household Pests And Methods To Remove These Pests

Rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, fleas, and mosquitoes are the most common pests that grow in a house. Our expert technicians are skilled in eliminating all these harmful pests out of your house by using methods like fumigation, heat treatment, and pesticide sprays. Once we reach the site, we take an examination of the site to detect the pest infestation and then apply the suitable method or treatment.

These pests have the potential to spread diseases, unhealthy threats, contaminate your residence and destroy valuable things even before you know about them. This issue must be dealt with by the professionals as they are trained, experienced, and have profound knowledge of pest control methods. So, call us right away for effective end-of-lease pest control in Sydney. We have profound knowledge and experience as we are handling this kind of situation for years.

Different Type Of Pests Needs Specific Methods For Pest Control


Cockroaches may not harm you directly but they contaminate the food material with touch. It is not easy to get rid of them by home remedies but our expert professionals use modern techniques to make your home cockroaches-free.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be unsightly and are the cause of the destruction of your furniture. Most of the time, they are found in bed corners, rugs, and mattresses. These pests grow if there is a lack of sunlight and excess humidity and sweat at the place. However, we use advanced tools and techniques to eliminate these harmful bugs from your furniture and home.


Rodents are nothing but mice, moles, and rats. Their infestation can lead to many destructions of material things and it may also cause you a headache. Our best pest control services help you to get out of this irritating situation where you have to deal with these rodents.

Methods We Use For End Of Lease Pest Control In Sydney

We at Pestico Pest Control Sydney understand that every pest is different and to get rid of these nasty creatures, we need to use various advanced techniques and methods. Our professional technicians are having several years of experience in this field and know all the ways to eliminate all types of pests. Our friendly team will guide you about the technique they are going to use for pest control at your home, before that, here we have given a brief about each method that is widely used for household pest controls and lease pest control in Sydney.

Fumigation Method

 This method involves pest control by specialized gases, liquids and solids. It kills all pests irrespective of their type. These gases or chemicals reach all corners and eliminate even the minor pests hiding in places. The fume is stuffed in the fumigation machine and then by using this machine the gas or liquid is spread in the area which is infested. It helps you to get rid of fleas as well as flying pests. It is an effective method to kill invisible, hidden insects without any hassle. At Pestico Pest Control Sydney, we use safe chemicals and the latest machines to execute this method properly.

Pesticides Spray

Our experts inspect the infested area to find out what type of pests are creating the issue. Accordingly, we use pesticides to spray on the property. Mostly, pesticides are effective in killing all types of pests. However, only professionals with certifications are appropriate to use this kind of method. So make sure you are getting this job done by professionals.

Heat Treatment

High-intensity heat is produced by techniques and spread through the infected region. This makes the pests get out of their hidden nests. Once the pests are out, they are easy to deal with. We have advanced machines, tools, and techniques to produce heat and use it to kill insects.

We Offer The Following Services For End Of Lease Pest Control In Sydney

Pestico Pest Control Sydney is a company known for reliability and finest services of end of lease pest control in Sydney. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and aim to achieve this number by offering excellent services. Here are our specialised services that we provide to our customers:

Our end of lease pest control services are not only the best but also affordable. If you don't want to spend much on pest control, we understand and help you to clean the house and make it pest-free.
For emergency cases, we provide emergency as well as same-day services. You can call us anytime and get the best services of end of lease pest control in Sydney. We are more than happy to be of any help.
We are available 24/7. We have prompt staff that look after all our customer's needs.
We are open on weekends, public holidays and in the evenings too. You can schedule the pest control service at your convenience.
You can give us feedback too, as our treatments can be improved based on your feedback.
The best thing that makes us different from other pest control services is, we provide 6 month's guarantee on our pest control services. If you find any issues after the pest control, our team will solve that issue for free.

Who Should Do The End Of Lease Pest Control In Rental Property?

For this, you have to read the rent agreement as it is mentioned in that. Mostly, if you have got the house pest treated then you have to hand it over to the owner by conducting a pest control treatment. However, you are not responsible for some pests like termites. So, you are supposed to take the required steps, read the agreement, discuss with the owner of the house and leave the house pest-free to avoid any complications. For the best end of lease pest control in Sydney, call us today.

Financial Responsibility Of End Of Lease Pest Control

Most of the time, the landlord or house owner is responsible for the cost of pest control as pest controls are not cheap. These financial terms are also declared in the lease agreement so you have to read the agreement and talk to the house owner.

If your house owner is a responsible person, he or she may not wait for your request for pest control. A landlord must conduct seasonal pest control to keep the home safe. If because of any reasons, the owner wants the tenants to conduct the pest control, then the tenant must clear the financial doubts straight away. If you are a tenant and conducting pest control, then it is advised to take a before and after photo of the place to show it to the landlord.

Why Choose Us For End Of Lease Pest Control In Sydney?

End least pest control needs a team that is proficient in handling all types of pests. Pestico Pest Control Sydney has an excellent team of professionals with practical knowledge of how to eliminate any kind of pest. So, get the quality services at a reasonable price, avail of our best services of end of lease pest control in Sydney today!


Is it necessary to conduct at end of lease pest control?

Yes, end of lease pest control is required for every rental agreement or lease. Especially, it becomes mandatory when you are having a fur-friend staying with you. One needs to ensure a pest-free environment for people who are going to occupy the space after you.

Can I do end of lease pest control by myself?

No, end of lease pest control involves treatments for all pests. It is the job of experienced pest experts.

Who is responsible for the bill of end of lease pest control?

Mostly the homeowner is responsible for this kind of financial responsibility. You can check your lease agreement for clarification.

Can you conduct end of lease pest control in Sydney overnight?

Yes. We are open 24/7. In cases of emergency, we can conduct the treatment overnight.

What if I don’t conduct end of lease pest control?

You may have to face a costly rental tribunal dispute with the homeowner and other charges mentioned in the rental agreement.

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