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Borers are pests that destroy the wood in houses. They cause damage to old furniture such as flooring, bearers, joists, and roofing timbers, as well as usable timbers. Borer dirt, escape holes, and grass in your home or workplace is a common sight. It is a sign that your timber has been infested by borers. Borers wreaked havoc on the pine timber floors and furniture.

This is due to the tiny larvae known as borers emerging inside the wood and chewing their way out, contributing to the weakening and complete collapse of furniture.

It entirely explains why Borer Control Sydney is so important. Pestico Pest Control Sydney is a leading expert in Borer Control Sydney and provides comprehensive borer removal services.

Borer Control Sydney always use the best tools to keep pests out of your home and workplace. The amount of harm they cause to your expensive furniture is noticeable.

How Does A Borer Damage Your Health And Economy?

Borers are referred to as timber borers. They live in the countryside. Borers have a variety of effects on individuals and their livelihoods, including the following:

They may cause structural wood to deteriorate.
Besides, the wooden fittings and furniture are worsening.
They infect the timber floors and sapwood that they strike. They were collecting wood to lay their eggs on.
Many borer species prefer bamboo and wood with a strong starch flavour, such as wood, ash, walnut mahogany, and so on.
In new apartments, these are prevalent with solid wood items such as window and door frames, panelling, flooring, plywood, and so forth.
Some of the species also infest trees, their lower limbs, and vascular bundles, causing damage to urban and rural areas.
Furthermore, some borer species act as a secondary host and prey on rotting wood.
One of his species has penetrated agriculture and the forest.
During transportation and storage, such as assault logs, and carry fungi that damage the wood, spoiling it.
These are often the cause of forest fires.

Detection Borer Outbreak Detection

The methods listed below are the most effective for identifying a borer pest in your house.

Tone ticking

Immature borers make a visible piercing scream or buzzing sound when eating while tunnelling in the forests. This noise can be heard in the dead of night.


From outside the boreholes, rotted timber holes are a collection of wood dust.

Tunnels presence

Tunnels are small galleries that, when carefully investigated, may reveal the presence of a wood borer outbreak.

The presence of holes in the flight

They are produced by insects that make their way out.

Holes under the carpet

Borers would be responsible for the holes in the carpet paper floor backing.

Existence of fungi

When furniture absorbs due to borer larvae, it retains some lumber rotting mould, which is a direct indication of timber borers in the furniture
Humidity in a space

Because forests borers only prosper in wet environments, there is a danger of an outbreak if there is moisture in the room or the wood itself.

Unsatisfactory floor tiles

A condition occurs once a foot or a chair leg crossing the floor is substantially injured.

The timber is deteriorating.

Your home is infested with wood borers if the endings of roof joints and floorboards have imploded timber in and around them.

Dead beetles existence

Throughout their life cycle, dead borers can be seen near infested timber and window frames:


They are easily detected because they are white and rounded in shape.

The presence of matured termites on the sides of windows and around them

Adult worms draw into the sky and reside in frameworks. They can be seen in crowds surrounding window ledges.

Techniques For The Treatment Used By Borer Control Sydney

Keep a few considerations in mind before implementing any pest control methods. When the damage is minor and there is no noticeable damage from the borer attack, you do not need to take any precautions. Also, if the infestation is extreme, consider the following procedures:

Taking good care of the Spot

It is an effective in-house Borer Control Sydney techniques. Everything you can do is keep an eye on the humidity of the wood by providing adequate ventilation. The use of exterior coverings such as paints, polyurethane, and water sealants keeps moisture away from the wood and prevents wood borers from penetrating it.

Surface Treatments

When the infestation is limited to a few wooden boards, use this surface treatment. This treatment prevents any timber borer from entering the furniture.

Maximum temperature

It is a good approach for small pieces of furniture. Wrap your furniture in plastic and freeze it for about two weeks. After that, take it out and cover it until it reaches room temperature. This method prevents watermarks from condensing on the timber.

The Use of Repellents

Use disinfectant chemicals and pesticides to control borer pests in buildings. For this, combine timber and water. Borer care is another option. It is a liquid that has higher wood absorption and can remain in place for years, preventing borer pests from infiltrating.

Cleaning and sterilisation

It is both expensive and intricate. Only a licensed pest control expert, such as borer control Sydney, can attempt it. The penetration of disinfectant spray kills the insects and rids your furniture of pests.

Using a licensed pest control service to solve your property’s wood termite problem is the most effective method. Our certified and tested professionals will provide logical and efficient pest management solutions that are customised to your specific needs. Treatment necessitates the care of any potential breeding grounds, and we will make recommendations on measures to be taken accordingly. When a wood borer infestation goes unchecked, it can become a problem, ruining hardwood floors, doors, and furniture.
As a result, adequate waste disposal and sanitation are needed to reduce infestation. An infected piece of furniture will spread the wooden borer to the rest of your furniture, and you’ll need to keep termites at bay. DIY can only manage the exterior, so the borer problem spreads largely unnoticed.

With the help of the mentioned steps, you can handle borer pest infestation to a certain extent. However, if the infestation is severe, it is often advisable to hire professional borer control Sydney.

Pestico Pest Control Sydney is a well-known registered borer control Sydney. We have licensed pest eradication experts on staff who will provide you with guaranteed services that will not damage your furniture. Give us a call right now!

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