How To Deal with Borers Professionally?

How To Deal with Borers Professionally?

The term ‘borers’ comprises varied types of wood-boring beetles that are capable of causing serious harm to your trees and wooden furniture. So, it is better to treat the infested region at first notice. Localized borers treatment can help you to save your loved furniture and trees. Severe damage can become a handful to manage.

Borer control Sydney stated that there are seven types of borer or “wood worms” found in Australia. The most commonly found type is Common House Borer or Furniture Beetle. These insects create their homes in wooden materials and lay eggs there. Before they start to increase their family, it is necessary to stop their invasion. The real question is how to identify borer infestation.

As stated by Borer Pest Control Sydney, Borer invasion often remains unnoticed during its early stages. But to save your trees and furniture from this attack, you need to look for certain signs. These siigns include:

  • Small pin-shaped holes, also called flight holes, around the edges of your furniture or on the bark of your tree.
  • Finely powdered wood near the surfaces near your furniture or trees.
  • Borer-infested floors will generally be weaker and softer underneath.

On the basis of all these signs, you will be able to understand whether you are facing a borer infestation or not. Severe borer infestation can even lead to the collapse of your favourite tree or furniture. Therefore, Borer Pest Control service Sydney suggests you to look for professional help before things go out of hand. If you are facing a minor infestation, you can use some hacks that can help you to save your furniture or trees.

  • Always remember, Borers are attracted to moisture. So it is essential to keep your furniture dry.
  • To prevent further wood borer breeding, seal cracks and crevices on wood surfaces immediately after noticing.
  • To prevent the infestation from spreading to other areas, remove contaminated wood.

If all this doesn’t help you, Pestico Pest Control Sydney is there to take care of your problems. They are a group of fully trained experts with incredible knowledge about the life of borers. They promise to provide you with the best service in town at a very nominal rate. They will treat these exposed timbers to eliminate the borer and safeguard them. They also provide both water-based as well as penetrating treatment.  Seeking some professional help will help you save your favourite piece of furniture and trees. With the use of high-tech equipment and environmentally safe insecticides, they help make your house and gardens borer free.

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Posted on: 08/3/21

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